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Who Is Cecile Wehrell

What a start! I grew up in France on organic veggies from my grand-parents’ farm. It snowballed from there into, what I hope is, a healthy food obsession.

My "self-learning" and hands-on journey has taken me to many intriguing places! I've cooked my way around in logging camps, oil rigs, a transition house, a catering company, a commissary kitchen, retreat centers, backstage at music festivals, kids’ camps, etc.

I’ve participated in the opening of 2 cafés in Vancouver and got to start my own vegetarian restaurant in France. I've also managed a health food store where I gathered a healthy knowledge of all the ingredients available.

Throughout these adventures I've honed my craft and sharpened my culinary intuition. I also developed a soft spot for a more veggy-inspired diet.

I have learned so much: now I want to share and teach what I’ve compiled!

My intention is to support anyone who is embarking, or already experimenting, with the joys of Whole Foods. I am aware that it’s an on-going adventure to navigate through the maze of what’s available to us nowadays.

Let’s take it one recipe at a time. Slowly and surely... moving towards a healthier way of life and a friendlier footprint on our Mother Earth.


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