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You are unique and special. Yes, you are! And as a result, you deserve special treatment. A cooking class in Kingston? A Cooking Party? One-on-one sessions? A group talk or demo? Which one is perfect for you?

So many choices, so little time - let me help make it easy for you.  Just call me!

• Treat Yourself and Your Friends to a Cooking Party

Just like a “Tupp Party”! Meet with your friends around the table at a Cooking Party. Learn about whole foods in a fun and interactive way. Prepare a meal together, enjoy it and bring home new recipes, menus ideas. And put a new wind in your cooking sails.

How DO you throw a Cooking Party?

First, you decide to do something different with your gang! Then gather a minimum of 5 guests (6 total with yourself) and agree on a date and time. You'll need 3 hours to make the food and enjoy eating it.

You get in touch with me, we agree on a plan, and then I come to your home!

I'll take care of everything from that point on! Menu planning, shopping, setting up, making sure everyone is busy chopping away. And I'll even do all the dishes. (Unless you really insist on doing it yourself.)

During the Cooking Party, you will gather around the heart of the house, where you'll all learn about whole foods, share your experiences, get inspired, and have a grand time!

All this will include an appie, a 4-item meal and a dessert. Wonderful tasting, 100% vegetarian, local and organic as the season allows.

You'll all have this exciting and very tasty experience for $60 per guest.

It’s like eating restaurant quality food (Okay, actually even better and fresher!) while learning how to make it yourself.

AND... as the hostess or host, you get a free session of cooking coaching (1.5 hrs) to schedule at your convenience!

Cooking Parties work great around all sorts of "special occasions".

• celebrate a Birthday, a Staguette, a Retirement party, etc .
• stay home and give the old restaurant routine a break. No cab required!
• introduce a new and very entertaining activity to do together
• get kids & teens to learn about healthy alternatives to fast food
• learn French while cooking! Bilingual parties are definitely an option.

• Join Me In My Kitchen for a Cooking Class

Let me share my culinary expertise in the company of like-minded folk who want to learn about Vegetarian & Whole Foods Cooking.

What: Cooking Classes are theme-based. They all relate to one another to give you plenty of MENU IDEAS! Hands-on, exciting and definitely interactive.

Note: We will prepare a number of recipes. You’ll take samples home to get your family involved in your discoveries.

Where: I am based in Kingston. Classes can be held with 2 hrs of the Kingston area.

When: Schedule . To register, or for more info, send me an email.

How long: 2.5 hours per Cooking Class

How much: TBA

How many: small groups (minimum 4, maximum 8)

• Individual Cooking Coaching

“I am not giving you a fish, I’m teaching you how to fish”.

Are you wanting to make changes in your cooking universe?

I’d like to invite myself into your kitchen to guide you through the Whole Foods maze.

My idea is to support and inspire you on your journey, wherever you are. From shopping to cooking to organizing your kitchen space, I will gently and enthusiastically introduce and encourage you to explore further into the world of healthy and tasty vegetarian-based eating.

And if you tell me you can’t cook, I’m game to help you awaken the hidden creative chef in you!

Confidential, practical and uniquely you. This is about Reclaiming Your Kitchen!

Get in touch with me and let’s make your “custom-cooked” plan according to where you are and where you wish to go.

• Personal Cheffing/Catering

Need a Pro to cook for you while you are busy playing? Need someone to take over your kitchen for a party while you take care of your guests? Tired of cooking for yourself and want a delicious break?

Every cooking situation is unique and we can discuss the details to make sure it suits your needs and wants. I’d love to hear from you.

(suitable for up to 20 people)


I just love hanging out in my kitchen, preparing nourishing foods. But I also need time for other things!

So, my idea is to keep my recipes simple, quick, and easy to follow... yet still being full of health, flavor, color and zest.

I might be French but my food is unpretentious. And as uncorrupted as it is possible. I’m advocating a “Back-to-Basics” style of cooking with a “From Scratch” attitude.

My grocery purchases are supporting the smaller local businesses. I believe in organic farming and following seasonal availability.

There’s a fair bit of intuition involved as cooking is not a precise science (apart from baking!). It’s intuitively that I chose a more vegetarian oriented diet. I’ve found the range of possibilities truly endless.

Gently introducing more plant-based options in your every-day life will soon seem more natural to you!

I aspire to show you easy ways to be economical and reduce food waste - you'll become a master at reinventing left-overs. This will create room in your budget to buy always better, less processed groceries.

The kitchen always seems to be the favorite place in the house to gather. To share. To connect. I enjoy creating a space for connections to ignite while playing together with food!

And in the process, we will have done our share for the planet without too much fuss. One sustainable decision at a time.

Re-cycle, re-use, re-purpose, re-invent, re-claim your kitchen!

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