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Testimonials for Cecile Wehrell

"Cecile is organized, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to shopping for and cooking healthy & delicious meals. I regularly eat such plain monotonous meals but her suggestions really got me excited about food again. I am so grateful to Cecile and her brilliant suggestions and her cheerful, kind and caring disposition."

Michelle R.

"What a special treat it was to be catered to by Cécile, the French-born intuitive chef. Each day she tempted our senses with a cornucopia of mouth-watering aromas, culminating into a gastronomic experience of savoury delights. Ahhh!!! Délicieux!!!"

Vivian H.

"Cecile's cooking workshop was an inspiration. I am just beginning to get comfortable in the kitchen and taking this workshop helped me open my eyes to a creative and unique way of preparing healthy food with plenty of flavor. I have put to use all my new methods and have had nothing but raves about my dishes. Thanks so much Cecile! I truly learned a lot."

Melanie E.

"Healthy, nutritious, tasty, well-prepared and well presented."

Kathy T.

"Cécile has a passion, flair and true talent for creating delicious food that nourishes on all levels. She cares and is highly responsive to people’s different needs, and matched her menu planning to the stages of our retreat. I particularly appreciated her joyous energy and sensed that it permeated the food."

Kate S.

"Thank you for all the delicious meals. You are a wonderful person. You put all your love in the food you prepare. I will always remember you."


"It was wonderful to know that during the workshop I was taken care of and fed such nourishing food. I loved the subtle flavours of the food and looked forward to every meal. It nourished and nurtured me. I could taste the great care and love that went into the preparation. The plum sauce was divine. Simple, hearty, food. I felt as if I was eating recipes handed down from generation to generation, great village fare. Thank you for taking such great care of me."



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