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Posted By Cécile's Untamed Kitchen

Egg Salad


I told you before... I ain't a real vegan... just because of eggs!
I just love them too much.
When I need to make sandwiches as an easy food on a trip or else, it's the perfect occasion for an egg salad.

My healthier version:
* Hard-boiled eggs
* Healthy mayonnaise (I adore my vegenaise from Earth Island!)
* Gomasio
* Seasoning... choice of salt, pepper, curry, herbs, smoked paprika, nutritional yeast (to die for!) etc.
* and special guest... KALE!!!

Yes, I hid some very finely julienned kale in the mixture which was a great addition.
Or how to take advantage of the wonders of kale!
A great way to enjoy a bit of greens without too much fuss. Cheeky cheeky!

This salad could also be successfully used as a dip. Youpie ! (that's "Yeah" in French ;0)

Posted By Cécile's Untamed Kitchen

Spaghetti Squash


I never got to play with spaghetti squash before. And I love it!
This is one funky "gourd".

Cut in half, discard the seeds, poke the sides with a fork (the steam will have a way out) place in an oven plate face down and bake for about 45 minutes.
Let it cool a bit before scraping the stuff out with a fork.
That easy!
You could simply add a tasty tomato sauce and bake it again with some grated tempeh on top. Yummy!

I was really impressed by how well the "spaghettis" are holding their shape.

Have fun ;0)