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Baked Tempeh

Last post I hinted that I'll be soon talking about tempeh. Here it is!

I'm such a fan of this amazing soy-based product which, unlike tofu, goes through a fermentation process. It also uses the whole beans versus tofu which is made out of soy milk.

It's high in protein and because it's a fermented food, much easier on your digestion.There's no lack of info on the net for you to check. I'd rather stay pragmatic and tell you what I do with it!

It's got such a unique taste (nutty and kind of mushroomy all at once) that it doesn't need much else.

I do buy it plain (comes already prepared), cut it in cubes, slices, mini-fries... even shred it like cheese.

And then, I mix in some olive oil, lemon juice (try some of the zeste too), tamari. No need to add any extra salt (which I definitely do when I marinate tofu). In a few minutes, the tempeh will take on the flavors you added to it.

Of course you can add all kinds of dried herbs, other spices, sesame seeds etc. If you are a "beginner" with tempeh, I would recommend to start with this basic recipe. You'll get a sense of what it's all about and then, you can go all crazy with it ;0)

Last but not least, you can simply fry your tempeh in a pan with some olive or coconut oil. You can also bake it in the oven at 400F for about 20 min. Keep an eye on it.

Try it on a dish where you would otherwise put cheese on top. You are gonna love!

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