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Pot Barley

Pot barley soup... that's as far as some of us go when it comes to using this funky little grain.

I cook it and use it as a side-dish just as I would rice, quinoa, boulgour etc. It's got a great texture and taste. You've got to try it!

Like any other whole grain, enjoy the many good things it has to offer. Barley is high in fibre, selenium, phosphorous, copper and manganese. 

Pot barley = unhulled, unrefined, the whole works (more fibers, more nutrients).
Pearl barley = dehulled (the bran and germ is pearled away). Faster to cook.

I have a TIP for you!

Soak the POT barley for a few hours (in the morning, soak it in water so that by lunch time, it's ready to be cooked).
WHY? It cooks faster and I find that it gives it a different texture which is easier to chew on. Plus, it's much easier on your digestive system.
When you are ready to cook it, drain the milky soaking water and cook the grain in enough fresh water over medium heat for about 30 min. You can have it as chewy or cooked as you like! Drain the excess water when it's time. Oh, add sea salt in the cooking water or afterwards if you wish.

Today, we had pot barley, baked tempeh (next post... stayed tuned) and a green sauce (with kale).

This summer, try making a salad with pot barley just the way you would do with rice or pasta!

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